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About Me

My name is Karin Boode

and I am a social media geek. Almost nothing on this planet gives me the kicks like internet marketing. To know that every thing you do can be seen and used by anyone anywhere on this planet… It’s a rush. It’s fullfilling. And I love it.

I love the fact that I am helping people move towards their goals and dreams. They in their turn help others achieve their dreams and goals. It is a viral process that knows no end. And while doing it, I am finally achieving the life I’ve dreamed of.

But things were not always that easy

In fact, I’ve spent many many years working almost around the clock to be where I am today. In my original career I made it to the top, but not without hard work and long hours.

But it makes sense.

My dad raised me and my siblings on his own.

So, when he lost his job, it was not easy. We did not have a lot of money. It made me determined to change that for myself. I worked hard to get the degrees that I have, knowing that education would get me to my goal. I worked and went to college at the same time and still managed to finish college without time delay.

I went on to do my PhD, knowing that with that kind of a degree I would be able to make it through life without the hardship I had known as a child. Don’t get me wrong my dad was a great guy. He did everything within his power to give us as a good a life as he possibly could.

So, I build my career and made it to the top

My assumption was correct. With my titles in hand I did find very well paying jobs and I made it to the board of some large corporations. Not without hard work though. I learned that nothing comes without effort. And that was ok with me.

Except that when I got older and I achieved my goal of being financially independent, I changed my outlook on life. My new goal became to help as many people as I possibly could, while making enough money to not revert back to my childhood circumstances.

Internet marketing made all that possible

And that’s where I am today. That’s why I started the Social Traffic Club, where I give away valuable information for free. I realize that others would charge for that information, but I did not want to do that. I want to make sure that money does not stand in the way of making it for any of my subscribers. That is what this blog and the Social Traffic Club is all about. That’s why I started it. I wanted to help other people gather the tools and inspiration they need to get out of their crummy situations, and into situations they deserve.

And for people who are already livin’ the life – I wanted to connect with them too, and help make both of our lives even better.

I also want to grow and learn from my subscribers. Many of them have experience in things I never will. That’s why I appreciate it so much when people leave comments. It seriously lights up my day.

Anyways, my blog is centered around these 3 things in particular:

1. Success / Prosperity / Happiness / Money
2. Social Media and Internet Marketing
3. You & Me


Karin Boode
Social Media Strategist and Business Consultant

  • Ruth A McCrackin

    I can relate to your story, it’s so appreciative to see someone as yourself climbed up without letting your history hinder you. Thank you for provide key solutions to social media that I can find value in and share with others and build simple traffic online.

    Ruth M

    • social bookmarking

      Ruth, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read my story. I have been lucky enough to be able to write a story with a happy ending. I am determined to work just as hard the rest of my life to make it happen for others also. Pay it forward…

  • Abnero

    Hello Karin!! This is great what you are doing!! Keep the good work!!

  • Rondell Welch

    Hello Karin, Congratulations on what you have done… and what you are doing!

  • Scott

    Karen registered, pasted pw ans uname but registration rejected on link from email. Worked on original page???

    • social bookmarking

      Hi Scott, I checked and it looks like you are registered ok. Let me know if that is not the case. I will be happy to help you.

  • Henry Cooper Sr.

    Thanks Karen for your inspriational story, it gives hope to those of us who are striving to perfect this new media. Internet Mkting is truly the coolest gig in town,learning the techniques required is a challenge but also rewarding. I share your passion in internet markting, and hope to learn and share some cool stuff together.    

    • social bookmarking

      You are welcome Henry. You may want to check out my other site, Social Traffic Mastermind, as well. I am currently giving away the complete social bookmarking strategy, which you may find beneficial. I am looking forward to cool stuff on your part also!

  • Shane Lavender

    Hi Karin, We happen to have the same friends on Facebook so I thought I’d come by and read your blog. I’m really glad I did because  I would really like to start a blog, but have no experience where to even start. Add to that no budget and things get very tricky. So it is with great appreciation that you are offering your information for free! Trying to build an online business has so far been disappointing and frustrating, but I’m hoping that will change soon.

    Thanks again,

    • social bookmarking

      HI Shane, thanks for making the effort to check out my blog. You can post any questions you have under any of the blog posts you are reading. I will be happy to answer them if I can.