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Blog SEO tips for unlimited traffic to your website

SEO has changed with the Google Panda updates

Most people have their own blog these days, but most are not sure what SEO is needed to get traffic to their blog

  • Find out the 5 things that will result in unlimited traffic to your blog

Last week I told you about the latest changes that Google has implement and the obvious conclusion that Google is getting closer and closer to being able to detect whether you are a human writing your own articles and getting your own backlinks or whether you are publishing duplicate content and automating your SEO and your backlink creation. Does this mean that SEO is dead? In my opinion the answer is a clear no. It still pays to be on page 1 in Google and to get there you still need SEO. That has not changed. It is just increasingly more difficult to achieve this goal by cheating.

I hope you agree with me that SEO still matters, so let’s take a look at what it takes to rank well in Google. I will share with you my own strategy, which has resulted in many page 1 listings for very competitive keywords such as ‘two way backlinks’. This keyword has about 1.6 million results, and I have held the top spot in Google for several years. No Google update has changed this. Because I have always played by the rules and provided unique content.


Here are the 5 steps of my SEO strategy:

1. Keyword research – SEO starts with solid keyword research, so that you know how hard it will be to rank for a specific phrase. Now, I don’t go overboard with this either. Typically, what I do is I decide what I want to write about and then I check to see what phrase for that topic is easiest to rank for and usually that is what I will target. I do not let the keyword dictate what I write about. For example, for this post I wanted to write about SEO tips, so that is what I type into the Google keyword tool. The only change I make in the settings is that I change the keyword match type to “exact”. It turns out that blog seo has low competition and about 4-5K searches every month. A great keyword for me that I hope to rank for following the tips that I am writing to you in this post.

2. Original and somewhat optimized content – For me the emphasis is more on original than on optimized. I don’t waist much time on optimization, except that I make sure my keyword is in the title and in the URL. To that effect I change the permalink from the full title to just the keywords if I can. If I have already made a blog post with that exact keyword I will add on a few words, but I will try to keep the keywords as close as possible to 100% of the permalink structure. This seems to be very effective for me.

3. Web Page Optimization – This is the part that generally gets the most attention when you read about SEO and, funny enough, this is the part I pay the least amount of attention to. I am going out from the idea that WordPress has me covered here. The themes these days are fairly well optimized for the search engines and that is good enough for me. I don’t change the text, I don’t add extra subtitles or add tags to all my images. And I guess Google has figured that most people don’t, so if you do have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed here, you cannot be a human being.

4. Article Syndication – I write a new post every Monday and it goes on my blog first. Then at some point I syndicate these posts on other social networking platforms. I should be writing press releases also, but truth be told I hardly ever do.

5. Social Bookmarking – Last but not least, I do a lot of bookmarking. I have found this by far the most effective way to get attention to my posts and it can be done very easily. Ever since I started using social bookmarking I have increased the visibility for my blog and most posts do reach page 1 in Google at some point in time.

I know that all this sounds like a lot of work, but it is not all that bad. Especially since I use SeNukeX for most of the hard work. I love this software, because you completely mimic a real person. You can syndicate with many social networks and space out the social bookmarking, unlike with sites like where all bookmarks appear at the exact same time. I love it also, because all you have to do is set it up and it will run for weeks at a time. It provides a constant influx of new backlinks.

PS. If you are interested in using SeNukeX I can get you in the back door and save you $39 a month. Just click  this link.

To your success,

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    SEO, it really matters! And now that it is harder to be done! But many of us think that this is better! I have always been bothered by all that spamming when I have tried to do organic SEO!