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The Google +1 button

On June 1 Google fully launched the +1 button after having it available for a few months already in Google labs. With the +1 button, you can give your “public stamp of approval” to Google search results. This sounds logical and not very shocking, but I suspect that this button is going to have far . . . → Read More: The Google +1 button

Do-follow social bookmarking site wish list

Last week I announced that I have launched a new social bookmarking site, where you can post your content in a true do-follow environment. That is what I want for my content, so I figured you probably would like that as well. But it does not stop there. Because it is my site, I can . . . → Read More: Do-follow social bookmarking site wish list

Do-follow social bookmarking site for your niche

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you know that I like social bookmarking. I use it a lot myself and I try to keep up with all the developments around social bookmarking. Lately I have been wondering about all the social bookmarking sites. They all seem to be working the same way. There are a few exceptions, but not many. They are all focused on the news, without giving the small business owners much emphasis. When I realized this, I started asking myself the question: “what is the perfect social bookmarking site?” . . . → Read More: Do-follow social bookmarking site for your niche

7 Facebook promotion strategies

The last several weeks I have written about Twitter. Every post had several comments from readers who prefer Facebook over Twitter. That is why I decided today to give you 7 strategies to increase your fan base. Fortunately for us, recruiting fans to your fan pages is not hard at all. But as always it . . . → Read More: 7 Facebook promotion strategies

One-way backlink strategy

One-way backlinks are your ticket to high search engine rankings for your keywords. I hope that the past three blog posts have shed some light on what one-way backlinks are and what you need to know about one-way backlinks to do well online.

In this post I will give you a backlinking strategy that you . . . → Read More: One-way backlink strategy