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We are all aware of the speed with which the social media sites are growing and we all experience the difficulties of being found on the social media sites as a result of it. As a matter of fact, I asked you to fill out a survey a couple of weeks ago (thank you if you did) and it was amazing to me to see that nobody said that social media converted well for them! Some said they experienced some conversions. The majority of people said that social media does not convert at all! Pretty amazing.

The reason for this staggering fact, in my opinion, is the fact that most of us do not use a systematic approach when it comes to social media. We sign up and start chatting. That is it. Unfortunately, that is not enough to help your business (any longer). I have had these same discussions with several of my customers. Small and medium size businesses who have hired me to help them get better results with social media. That is also why I know it can be done. Social media can convert very well actually.

Take social bookmarking for example. Most people seem to get themselves a account. Sign up for all the accounts within and submit their own sites to the social bookmarking and social media sites through In other words they instantly submit to the same web 2.0 properties over and over again. Google has long since recognized the pattern and bookmarking this way is no longer effective at all.

I have found that if you have a strategy in place and you build that strategy into your daily routine, social bookmarking is a very powerful meethod to increase your one-way backlinks, get a lot of social traffic and get your sites indexed. And the same holds true for the other web 2.0 properties. Regardless what social media site you have in mind, having a strategy and consistency in executing the strategy are the two pillars for success.

I have seen the results with my customers. The strategies I gave them have been very powerful, and have resulted in significant improvements to their bottom lines. Seeing that I knew I had to share those experiences with a broader audience. That is exactly what I have done. I have created the Social Traffic Mastermind for those who are serious about becoming successful online.

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I have made videos to show you how to use social bookmarking for optimal result. At first I was going to sell this course, but I have decided to give it to you, because I want you to experience for yourself that social media can be extremely effective if you use it the right way.

There are 11 videos that show you step-by-step how to set up the system. And once it is set up it is very easy to keep up with. Provided you build it into your daily routine. Do me the favor and implement what I show you. You will be light years ahead of your competition if you do. You will be creating powerful backlinks consistently. And of course I would love to hear your success stories. Either here, or in the forum that I have created for all the Social Traffic Mastermind members.

To your success,

  • steveborgman

    Karin, thanks for sharing a wealth of technical and yet easy to understand material as always.  I’ve signed up for your social traffic mastermind, and look forward to becoming more focused and strategic with my online efforts :)

    • social bookmarking

      Hi Steve, great to have you on board. Let me know how things are going for you, once you have the social bookmarking strategy implemented.

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