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Are you ready for the new Facebook timeline?

Your Facebook page is changing again

On March 30 you will be forced to switch to the new Facebook Timeline layout.

  • Find out what you need to do to be ready for the change

When you are active in social media, you know that things change constantly. All the major social media platforms have made significant changes in the last 6 months. Twitter changed their layout and is providing a lot more information about your tweets (such as how many re-tweets), YouTube revamped the layout of  channels and LinkedIn has started separate business pages. But Facebook is the champion when it comes to change. It is hard to keep up with every change Facebook makes. But whether you like it or not, you will have to pay attention to the new timeline.

I have to admit that I was upset when I first read about these latest changes. I had just finished a new product that helps small businesses set up a welcome page on a separate tab, when Facebook announced the disappearing of the tabs as we knew them until now. I had a hard time seeing past this devastating news. But, as so often, a little time went by and I had time to think things through and I have to say that I am very pleased with the changes the new timeline is bringing.

I believe that this is a great opportunity for any business, small or big, to show case their brand and their business. The new banner at the top of the page is a great way to express what your company is all about. And there is so much more that you can do to grab peoples attention. You can now pin a post to the top of your timeline for a maximum of 7 days. This is such a great feature. If you are having an event or a promotion going on, you can now simply pin that info to the top of your Facebook fan page and leave it there.

Before this latest change, you had to post a new status update on a regular basis to make sure that people would see your message. This would almost be spamming your own wall! Now all you have to do is pin your message to the front of the page and you have free advertising on your page for anything you would like to promote to your fans.

Furthermore, the alternative positioning of the tabs is so much more visible that it easily makes up for the fact that you can only showcase 2 on your home page. I love the fact that it is now displayed using an image above the fold. It catches peoples eye instantly. So, this change is not as bad as I thought it would be.

What do you think of the Facebook Timeline? Do you like it? Have you switched yet? Let us know what you think.

To your success,