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Getting to the first page on Google with your blog post

I have found this really simple tweak to my blog post that gets me to the first page on Google for my keyword in record time. You can even beat the big players like TechCrunch to it, as you can see in the video. It only takes a few seconds to make this change, but the consequences are huge. I am showing you in the video how I got to the first page in Google in a matter of days for a keyword that has almost 20 million searches in Google! {{{*}}}

  • Jennifer Akers

    Fabulous tip, Karin! I’ve played around with my titles, too. Sometimes, they looked too long, so I’d edit them. A couple of times, I edited it to put in my keywords, not realizing that it really was the right way to do it. Thanks for confirmation, and I’m off to edit my last post.

  • Mike Pedersen

    Hey Karin,

    Since I’ve been doing SEO for 10 years I’ve been utilizing this feature in wordpress. It’s excellent and I hope a lot of people watch your video and take the whopping 10 seconds to change the URL to target your keyword. Good stuff Karin!


  • Deb

    Hi Karin, Great tip! The first thing bloggers need to remember is to have keywords in their titles and make it intriguing so it entices people to click on it to read the full post. Your tip to edit the page name to entice the search engines is awesome. You rock for sharing quality information such as this. Best Wishes!

  • China Sourcing Gary

    This is really great! Can’t wait to try thing on my new post this weekend!

  • Yorinda

    Hi Karin,

    great information. This explains more how to modify the permalink. I had learned earlier that google doesn’t like a lot of ‘superfluous’ words.

    Thank you so much.

  • steveborgman

    Karin, I have a Blogger blog in addition to a WordPress blog: any hints on how to do this for a Blogger article?

    • social bookmarking

      Steve, that is an excellent question. I am not aware of a way to do this with blogger.

      • Wade Harman

        It’s just in your permalink URL..Blogger has an option that you can change the last part of your URL.

  • Jack Watson

    Thank you for these instructions! I hope the blog posts will increase my rankings fast, so that I can get more traffic from search engines.

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  • Dmitrip_14

    Karin, could you please tell me what plug-in did you install  to get all those Microsoft word-like functionality in your post editor window? What I mean is the font size, font family, subscript etc.. Thanks!

  • Rosalinda9

    I was higly
    inspired by all this stuff you have posted. I always like the way you are
    writing here. Keep this work  up. Thanks
    for your hard work!!!!

  • Akashverm11111006


  • Trevor Darden

    This is some great info. thank you

  • stuart macdonald

    very nice

  • sagun

    hey you are the one that really helped me