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Google has done it again. They announced the arrival of Google Plus your World, where they have now started integrating social media into the search engine. This is not a new phenomenon. After all, Bing has done it for quite a while now. And I have to admit, I have avoided Bing for exactly that reason. I don’t need a search engine to find out what is happening on Facebook and Twitter. So, this latest move by Google does not make me very happy. But before I go on a rampage, let me show you what I am talking about (just in case you have not seen it yet).

If you do a search on Google, while you are logged into your Google account, what shows up on the first page is posts from the friends you have in your Google Plus circles. It now specifies the number of personal posts the search engine has found on top of the regular pages that it always provided. It looks something like this:

You do have the option to turn this personal search on or off, through the 2 buttons in the top right corner:

The problem is that when I do a Google search I am not looking for my friends posts. Rather, I am looking for the best content available online and I would prefer an objective list of quality content. And the content the people in my circles have found is not always the most relevant. To may it is just as annoying as the fact that Google is showing you search results based on where you live. To me, both the location based and the personal results prohibit me from getting the most relevant information that is available world wide.

What I said above is purely spoken from a consumer perspective. From an internet marketer’s perspective things could be different. After all, having your posts show up on the first page in Google is a great opportunity for marketers like you and I. However , if everybody is as annoyed as I am when they see the results, I am not sure if it is going to be as good as it sounds. Lucky enough you can turn off the personal search results, and I find myself doing this all the time.

The second change that Google made is more powerful in my opinion. If you have a gmail account (and you should :) ), Google Plus notices are now posted inside your gmail inbox. This means that your posts will 100% of time be delivered those gmail user’s inboxes who are in your circles. No more fighting spam filters. And until all internet marketers have discovered the power of this phenomenon, the opportunities will be just as big as with email marketing in its early stages.

The one thing that hopefully is clear to you, is that it is critically important to be careful who you add to what circles. Having relevant circles with only those you want to follow, will pay off. Adding people to your circles for the numbers sake is going to hurt you. After all, it will turn your email into a spam page again and it will now even affect your search results!

Even though I am frustrated with what Google is doing with search, I hope you agree with me that you cannot afford to ignore Google Plus any longer. If you are an internet marketer that is.

What do you think of the latest Google developments? Am I too negative? Do you feel that this is a postive change and if so, what makes you say so. I appreciate your input in the comments.

To your success,




To your success,

  • steveborgman

    Hi Karen.  I agree with you: the new search results are annoying.  Like you, I prefer to find the best of the web versus just what acquaintances and friends are suggesting.  However, it’s best to go with change versus fighting it, so being careful about what we “like” and about who we add to which circles makes a lot of sense.

  • Keri at Idea Girl Media


    Thank you for writing this article and giving the visual image for reference.

    I’m not bothered by the new search results yet.  But everything takes time, so I’ll keep you posted.

    Great being a Networking Peep with you!