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Create a Stronger Brand with Google Plus Business Pages

As I am sure you all have read by now, Google has finally rolled out the long awaited business pages. It already turns out that the wait has been worth our while. I am extremely excited with the possibilities this new platform has to offer. I just read this article that gives a great overview of 7 things you need to know to promote your brand on Google+:

At a high-level it allows you to create a brand page (for profit or nonprofit) as long as you have a Google+ personal account (so thataE™s the first step). Simply log into your account and on the bottom right side there is an icon labeled aEoeCreate Google+ PageaE¯ aE" couldnaE™t be more straight forward.Google+ PagesHereaE™s the link to create a Google+ page.

1. You get to separate your VIPs, Customers, Following, and Team Members into circles. Meaning you can market to just your VIP customers (I foresee a boat load of marketing opportunities here), just your Team members (think aEoecollaborationaE¯ or team updates), your Customers, and then anyone you are Following (think prospect customers).

Note: Similarly to Facebook, you cannot put your customers in these segmented circles until they add your company page.  But unlike Facebook, Facebook doesnaE™t even give you the choice to do this back. A plus for Google (no pun intended).

2. As previously suspected, theyaE™ve recently integrated YouTube on the far right of all pages, and also Google Docs for brand pages (see Hangouts with extras below).I suspect more Google products integration to come.

3. Unlike Facebook, Google+ Pages is a little more forgiving if you make a typo in a post or suddenly decide you donaE™t want people to leave comments or share with others aE" you can edit the post or change that setting AFTER youaE™ve posted. Giddy up!

4.Hangouts aE" as a brand page you also have the ability to create Hangouts which can be huge to create that community. IaE™m thinking itaE™s a great way, especially for celebrities, to make that connection to their fans.

5. AND, (it honestly feels like Christmas!) for a limited time you can get a sneak peak and try  aEoeHangouts with extrasaE¯ which has integrated Google Docs, allows you to name your Hangout, share notes and sketchpad, and allows Screensharing for total collaboration. IaE™ll do a post in a week or two with this feature so you can get the full look and feel.

6. Your bio allows you to put in your entire service offering. Make it count. It even has a full WYSIWYG editor so you can bold, underline and italicize your text, input hyperlinks, bulleting and numbers. Check it out.

7. Link to all of the social networks your brand has a presence. It not only allows you to add the link, but you can customize the name of the link. Take a look at Social StrandaE™s.

Lastly, Google also rolled out another new feature called Google Direct which allows you to follow a company page easily. All you need to do is type aEoe+aE¯ in Google Search, followed by the brand or business you want to follow, such as +Social Strand Media.



I hope you realize that you need to be present on Google+ if you have your own business. I am a firm believer that Google+ is going to be the dominant social media platform in short order. They are already starting to integrate other Google services, like YouTube and Google Docs. That is exactly why I believe that Google+ will win over Facebook in the long run. Google simply has the ability to deliver a more complete package.

What about you. Have you set up your Google+ business page(s) yet? What do you think of Google+? Is it going to be as big as I suspect or are you of a different opinion? I appreciate your input in the comments.

To your success,





To your success,

  • Miss Leslie

    Hi Karin.Ā  Thanks for this.Ā  I am on Google+ but I haven’t done much of anything with it.Ā  I will have to get on the ball and do a little work.Ā  Thanks for your guidance.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss

    • social bookmarking

      Thanks Leslie. Great to hear from you.