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How to get started with Pinterest

Pinterest is responsible for 12% of all referrals to your site

While most people have heard of Pinterest, only a small percentage of people has actually set up a Pinterest account.

  • What you need to do to get started

In this post I will show you how to get started with Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest for a while and I have to say that I enjoy this site a lot. I find Pinterest easy and fun to use and it is not hard at all to get started with Pinterest. It is very intuitive. The nice thing about Pinterest is that when you pin an image it will show up on the home page, together with the most popular ‘pins’. You will find a lot of cooking recipes, the latest fashion and a product that a lot of people want to purchase. The search bar at the top gives you a great opportunity to find out what has been pinned in the niches you are interested in. I use this feature frequently to come up with new topics to write about, because it gives you such a quick overview of what is available.


When you hover over an image you will see 3 options: ‘repin’, ‘like’ and ‘comment’.

Click on ‘comment’ to post your thoughts on a post and/or share your opinion. Click on ‘like’ to tell the world that you like the image, without being any more specific. In order to use the ‘repin’ option you first need to set up your own pinboard(s). This is very easy to do. Select ‘Add+’ in the top right hand corner, which will take you to a pop-up window that looks like this:

Simply select ‘Create a Board’ and you can make your own pinboards. Make sure to choose make your boards public, so others can see what you are doing. Once you have this set up, you can click on a ‘repin’ button to add the image to your own board, with a link back to the original pin. From here you can also add a price to an image. This is nice if you have a picture of a real product. This way you can let everyone know exactly how much the product shown costs, without forcing them to go to the suppliers’ website.

Another feature of Pinterest that is similar to a lot of other social networking sites is the ability to favorite posts and follow people. This way you can follow what others (within your niches) are doing and you can see other images that this person will post in the future. Repinning is also very valuable when you want to store the information on a product your are considering buying.

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  • angelina Dom

    Great post this is thank for nice sharing yest pinterest is great tool to market your business as this is a great addition yet in the social media tools. i have lot of reservation about this but now after reading this post i got cleared in my mind that how to use this. Thanks for sharing this with me.