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How to get unlimited traffic to your website from blog comments

It is not a secret that leaving blog comments can get you a lot of traffic. With the arrival of content syndication groups this method has significantly increased in popularity. When you are part of such a group I am sure that you see your traffic and your Alexa rankings improve.

Unfortunately, a lot of the sites in these groups do not have a high Alexa ranking themselves. That is why most sites in these groups are stuck around the 600,000 Alexa ranking. Don’t get me wrong, that is a very decent ranking. But since I had given myself as a goal to reach an Alexa ranking of 100,000, I did not stop there.

I decided to do something more besides commenting on blogs within the syndication group to reach my goal. I looked for blogs in my niche with a high Alexa ranking. I also decided to go with do-follow blogs whenever possible. Even though that is not critical for me, I decided that if I have the choice I might as well go for the backlinks and the direct traffic.

Now that you have the blogs, you can simply add comments. I typically do 1 or 2 a day. You can, of course, do more, but I don’t feel that it is critical. To make life simpler and skip the daily search, I add the rss feeds of the blogs I like to my Google Reader account, so that I can skim the titles daily and pick the one or two that are most appealing to me.

This little technique makes it very easy to find appropriate posts to comment on. As a result, it usually takes me no more than 10-15 minutes to comment on these high trafficed blogs. It helps me establish my reputation and it attracts people to my blog, that would normally not have found me.

By consistently applying this technique I have been able to boost my search engine rankings for the keywords of my choice. It goes without saying that you will see faster results if you start with long tail keywords that are not as competitive.


How to find do-follow blogs that mention your keyword:

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High PR Blog Directories:

High PR Do Follow Blogs:

  • Lesly

    Hi Karin,
    This was great information, thank you …

  • webverzeichnis

    Great list of high PR dofollow Blogs, thank you for sharing. Now i will try to write some comments and hope that it increase my websites traffic.

  • Wayne Meyer

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  • How to Blog Blogging Tips

    Hi Karin
    Lot of thanks for providing this huge list.