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How to generate 20 new leads a day on Facebook

In this video I share with you an easy way to add 20 new leads a day in 10 minutes {{{*}}}

The method I am sharing with you in this video is not a big secret or a complicated trick, but since so few people use it, I thought I would start here. If you dedicate 10 minutes a day (excluding weekends) for two month your friend base will have expanded by 1200 friends. Since they all share some of the same friends, these are all targeted friends.

With over 1000 friends you will be amongst the happy few with a lot of friends (the majority of Facebook users never get past 200 friends). This will help in establishing your authority on Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Karin,
    You have an awesome blog with a lot of great content on it.I enjoyed your video.This is really a cool method.Untill now I added friends using groups.But,there is always something new to learn.
    Thanks for sharing this:)
    Have a magnificent day,

    • Karin

      Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Tip Kilby

    Great idea, Karin! Sometimes the simple things are staring us in the face, and we can’t even see them. Thanks for pointing out a good method for expanding our social universe on Facebook.

  • Brian Loebig

    The only problem with this advice is that you are inviting people you don’t really know to have access to all the personal and family information that you share on Facebook. If I didn’t share much personal info or photos on Facebook then this would be a great idea. What tips would you offer for growing a business FB page Karin?