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Social Media Action Plan

First step: add the Social Media Action Plan to your daily planner

You must DO each step in this action plan every day for it to work in 21 minutes flat.

Morning routine: start out with your Social Media Action Plan before you do anything else.


1 Log into your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn 45 sec
2 Log into 15 sec
3 Respond to friend requests 15 sec
4 Check for updates, messages, comments, notifications etc. 1 min
5 Respond to messages and comments 4 min
6 Use high quality and interesting content to update your social networks. Use the content research tool to help you find great content 4 min
7 Update your Social Media status at once through

FB profile / fan page 30 sec

Twitter / LinkedIn 30 sec
8 Send messages / re-tweet info etc./digg worthwhile news
4 min
9 Create an event / post a picture or check FB chat 3 min
10 Send out invitations to your event or chat with someone for a quick minute 1 min
11 Tweet the link of your activity from action step 10 to your followers 1 min
12 Log out of all platforms 30 sec

Total: <21 min

I have added an activity in step 8 to accomodate for the new Digg. Just so you know, this is what I do on a daily basis to make sure that I digg stories consistently every day.

I have added about 100 followers to get the process started. Now that I have enough followers and I am actively digging daily, I get unsolicited followers daily. Digg sends me a notification of all my new followers to email:

As part of step 8 of the action plan I click on the names in the emails. This gets me to the “My News” page of my follower. It looks something like this:

What I look for is if the person has uploaded a picture and filled out his/her bio. In the above example it is clear that this person has not done too much to make it worth anybodies while to follow back. I don’t care that the person just started out, but there is no bio and there are no diggs! So, how am I to know what this person is about. That is when I decide not to follow the person back.

Now lets look at another example:

This is obviously a much better page. This person has added her picture and her bio and even though she just started out, has some diggs and some comments already. It is an easy decision to follow this person back and to digg some of her submissions.

  • Jennifer Akers

    I spend a lot more than 21 minutes a day, especially when I’m syndicating tribe members. Reading and commenting takes some time (where do I fit that in this action plan). I like the steps, though – I need to print it out to remind myself until it’s a natural process.

    • social bookmarking

      I agree with you Jennifer. I spend more time on the syndication part also. I actually still have my morning routine as described above. I typically take some time at the end of the day to do the tribe syndication.

  • Lesly

    Hi Karin,
    Enjoying your members area! Thanks…

  • Brian Loebig

    Best explanation of how to use Digg that I have seen yet! Thanks!