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One-way backlinks from RSS feeds

In January 2011 I wrote an article about RSS feeds. This page is a follow up to that article. RSS feeds are a great source of one-way backlinks to your site. You can submit your feed to RSS directories and below this article is a list of directories that will accept your RSS feed. {{{*}}}

Besides submitting the RSS feed of your blog/website to the directories, you can make an unlimited amount of new feeds by mixing your blog feed with that of other blogs. For example, you could make a feed for each category on your blog and add other blogs that are relevant to that specific category. You can use a RSS aggregator to make such a new feed. Here are 7 suggestions of RSS mash up sites that you can use:

Take a look at these mash up sites. They will inspire you to use RSS feeds in ways you never even thought of before. These directories may or may not require human moderation.