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Pinterest is making waves

I am sure you have heard of Pinterest. The new social media kid on the block. I signed up for it some time ago, just to see what it is all about. I added a few pics of my favorite tennis players and that was about all. Much to my surprise people starting following me even though I was not very active after that first time. This peaked my interest and I started reading up a little more on this new social media platform.

I am no longer surprised with the fast gain in popularity Pinterest is experiencing. With the combination of scrapbooking and social bookmarking, it has created a powerful tool for people who just want to collect the information from the web regarding their particular hobby. And at the same time it is an extremely powerful platform for internet marketers to use.

Just in case you have not seen it yet. Once you have an account, you go to the “goodies” tab on the Pinterest site from where you can add a “pin it” button to your bookmarking toolbar. Every time you see information of interest to you, you simply click on the button and add the content to your pinterest account. Within your account you can set up what they call “boards”, where you can separate the various topics of your interest.

Each entry is called a pin on a board, and other people can ‘repin’ them, comment on them. Since it is a social media site, you can also like and tweet them. You can have followers and follow others. In other words it is a true social media site as we have come to know them in recent years.

Pinterest is only 1 year old, but with an Alexa ranking of 113, and more than 10 million unique visitors a week it is hard to ignore them. There referral traffic is higher than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined. That got my attention and I am sure it is getting yours also. So, I started looking at what others are doing on this site. Here is an example of the University of Pennsylvania, who is making great use of the options provided:

It may be hard to distinguish from the picture, but they are posting about events, resources and why their university is great place to work. In other words they are advertising their business. As an internet marketer you can do the same. You can make boards around your products (or affiliate products), you can promote your brand, and last but not least you can get easy links back to your website from a platform that already has a PR of 6.

The only problem is that you have to get an invitation to get in. So, if you are not in yet and are interested in getting started on this amazing social media platform, leave me a comment below this post with your email and I will send you an invite. If you are in and are using Pinterest, I would love to hear from you how you like it.

To your success,

To your success,