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4 out of the 7 top social media sites in the US are social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking has been a big favorite of mine for many years now.

  • Find out why Reddit is so easy to use these days

Those of you who have been long standing visitors to my blog, know that I am a big fan of social bookmarking. And I am not alone, given that 4 of the top 7   social media sites (StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, Digg) here in the US are social bookmarking sites. StumbleUpon is still in second place, but their popularity is declining ever since they did an overhaul of their site. Pinterest is rapidly climbing the popularity ladder and is now in third place. Reddit has been a steady player and is very popular with many.


If you are an avid Reddit user you will appreciate this article about 5 free apps that will improve your portable Reddit experience, provided you have an Android device. If you are not familiar with Reddit, I suggest that you take a look. And now that Reddit has all these easy to use apps, using Reddit has become even more user friendly. Here they are:


As far as IaE™m concerned,  BaconReader  is the best Reddit App on Android. I browsed around for Reddit-related apps for a while, but all of that changed when I installed this one. With endorsements from  Android Police  and  Droid Life, you canaE™t go wrong.

This app has everything you could need. It has a sleek and responsive interface, which is one of the biggest selling points for me. The interface is intuitive aE" which means easy learning curve aE" and itaE™s pretty, which means I wonaE™t get sick of it. It has numerous customization options to make your browsing experience as best as possible.

IaE™ve been using BaconReader whenever I need Reddit on the go, and IaE™ve yet to think aEoeI really wish there was feature XaEť.


Reddit is a website for user-generated content. Some people go for the community, for the learning opportunities, for the discussions and debates. OthersaE¦well, they only go for the laughs, the memes, and the pictures.

If youaE™re in that latter group, then  Pix-o-Reddit  might be exactly what you want. You set up the app to browse certain picture-based subreddits, then it compiles all of the images that it finds into one easy-to-read homepage.

Personally, I like the interface. ItaE™s unique, itaE™s beautiful, and itaE™s unobtrusive. ThataE™s a good thing when all you want to do is look at the pictures.

Reddit News Free

Reddit News Free  was the first app I installed when I had the epiphany that I could browse Reddit from my phone. It served me well for a number of months (until I found BaconReader). Even though I donaE™t use it anymore, itaE™s definitely worth a tryaE"especially if you donaE™t like BaconReader for some reason.

The thing that bothered me most about Reddit News Free was its interface. ThereaE™s nothing wrong with it, technically speaking. I just found it to be overly generic and boring.

If you donaE™t mind aesthetics, maybe youaE™ll like it for all of the other features it offers. In fact, RedditaE™s Android subreddit voted Reddit News Free to be the best Reddit app. That holds a lot of weight.

Reddit Pics

Like Pix-o-Reddit,  Reddit Pics  is all about the picture-related subreddits. I think Pix-o-Reddit is miles ahead of Reddit Pics, but if you didnaE™t like that one for whatever reason, then give this one a shotaE"especially if you prefer to have minimalistic interfaces.

Beware, though, that Reddit Pics does operate with ads. I didnaE™t find them too intrusive, but you may. Then again, if youaE™re looking for free apps, youaE™ve probably dealt with ads in a number of other apps.

Reddit Sync

Reddit Sync  is a bit different from the other apps listed in this article. Unlike BaconReader and Reddit News Free, it doesnaE™t necessarily try to tackle all of the features of Reddit. Unlike Pix-o-Reddit and Reddit Pics, itaE™s not an image compilation app. Then what is it? ItaE™s meant to take Reddit with you anywhere you go aE" particularly when youaE™re offline.

How does it work? Any time you have Internet access, run Reddit Sync and sync it up. Then, whenever you go offline, youaE™ll still have access to read all of the information that was synced by Reddit Sync. Think of it as taking a snapshot of Reddit then going through that saved material when you couldnaE™t otherwise.

I especially like Reddit sync, because of the fact that my bookmarks are available to me when I am offline. This way I store them whenever I come across them and read them at a later time. No need to burn bandwith.

I hope that these apps will help you in your social bookmarking efforts. Do you know of any other Reddit apps? I would love to hear about them. As always, I would appreciate it if you could share your findings with us in the comments.

To your success,

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    I am wonder why twitter is not of the top? i think in US twitter should be the top social media site because i don’t think educated and professional people are longer available on facebook in all over the world. However, those people who have a lot of free time they use facebook more then professionals. 

    • social bookmarking

      Actually both Twitter and YouTube are on the rise.