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Social Media in 2012

What is in this article for you:

I give you some of my predictions for social media in 2012

so that you can start the new year well prepared.

Last week I talked to you about the fact that YouTube did the biggest work over in their history. This week we can add Twitter and StumbleUpon to the list. And with Facebook changing almost non stop it is clear that the social media giants are gearing up for an interesting new year. Social media may have become a part of most people’s daily life, but it certainly is not done developing into maturity.

What can we expect from the social media platforms in 2012. Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. With the arrival of Google+ this year, the social media dynamics are in flux. One of the areas where social media will changes as a result of Google joining is social search. We are already seeing Google putting a social layer on top of their regular search engine with the +1 button. I strongly suspect that this is only the beginning. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out in 2012.
  2. I already mentioned at the beginning of this post that all the major players are changing the layout of their home page.  As different as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon and Google+ are, they all are focused on getting people to sign up. They are all trying hard to give the user what they want and enticing them to keep coming back.  Great examples of this are the new Facebook layout with the most important  posts at the top of the wall and Twitter, who introduced the #Discover. This new Twitter option makes it very easy to get started and fill your Twitter stream with tweets that have your interest.
  3. Mobile marketing. What can I say. It is everywhere. There are apps for all the bigger platforms for cell phones and tablets. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you are definitely not counting as a player in todays internet market. In my opinion it is the apps that show that this market is serious and will continue to grow exponentially in 2012.
  4. Advertising has become a normal part of social media. All platforms have embraced this concept. Remember the days where it was hammered into our brains that social media was not for selling? Those days are definitely over. All platforms are trying to capitalize on this new trend and allow ads. The most annoying, in my opinion, is Facebook with ads in prime spots on my pages. The most elegant form of ads being displayed by StumbleUpon, because they really aren’t ads. They are content that is shown to you, not because it is at the highest level in the StumbleUpon algorithm, but because someone paid to have their page shown to others. At least here the ‘ad’ provides value to the consumer.
  5. Social TV. Video has come up fast over the past few years and has taken a firm spot in the top of the leader board. We have gone from long sales letters to video sales letters to webinars. An amazing progression that is not going to stop there. We are already seeing a trend to link the computer world to TV.  With the latest apps you are now able to watch a TV program and have conversations with people around the globe who are watching the exact same program. An amazing development that won’t stop there. We will see how this develops in 2012, but my prediction is that at the end of next year PCs and TV will be completely integrated.

It remains to be seen what part of my predictions will come true next year, but one thing is for sure. There will be more change. There currently is no market that is changing faster than social media. Make sure you keep an eye on the changes and incorporate them in your business plan where possible. It will make a significant difference to your bottom line.

What is your opinion? What do you see change for social media in 2012? And how are you planning to take advantage of these changes? I would appreciate it if you could share your plans in the comments. And if you liked this post, I would appreciate it if you could stumble and +1 this post with the buttons in the top right hand corner.

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To your success,

  • Steve Borgman

    Hello, Karen.  As always, I love your posts.  I was really impressed with something I read recently while roaming through Google+ world, and I can’t even remember who wrote it, but I resonated with it.  There are SO many websites and blogs out there, that we will really need to segment ourselves as well as become experts with over the top value in order to stand out.  If we do that, plus use social media, we will come out ahead.  

    • social bookmarking

      Hi Steve, happy New Year to you. Hope you are doing well (again). Thanks for sharing that wisdom with us. I agree with that statement also. And what is more, I know you are true to your word and doing exactly as you say. Your readers appreciate you for it!

  • Benjamin

    Hey. Karen. I love your posts. I’ll always check your updates everytime I get online during my free time. Keep me posted. Bye bye.