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We are all familiar with SEO. We know that there is on-page and off-page optimization and that this is critical for your page rank. But with the arrival of social media, the dynamics of ranking in the search engines has changed. As you could read in my previous post, Google Plus is fastly becoming an integral part of SEO.

As a matter of fact, I strongly suspect that we will stop making a distinction between SEO and Social Media Optimization (SMO) in the not so distant future. It will all be part of the same effort. So, what does SMO mean? Since we are still in the early stages of SMO, I don’t believe that that has been fully defined yet. But there are a few things within SMO that are obvious. For example, if you send out a tweet, it can create a back link for you. If you write a post on a social media platform, such as Google Plus or Facebook, you can create an easy link back to your blog as well.

The same holds true for profile pages on all the social media platforms. On most, if not all, you can leave a link to your blog or money pages. And all these social media platforms have a high PR themselves, which means that the links back to your site carry weight also. It could not have been easier to create high PR backlinks.

But the real question is, are you using social media for back linking purposes, or are the back links ‘just’ a by product. Are you active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to collect back links or to engage with others and create relationships. A few years ago, when we all just started using Twitter and Facebook and the likes, we were convinced that social media was not meant to sell products. But that is changing, isn’t it? You can now install an app on Facebook, that turns your fan page into a store.

You can now sell your products and provide coupons for your products through hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘social media’ platforms. In reality, what is happening is that the social media concept has brought the human touch to the web. But besides the human touch, the web has not significantly changed. Or has it?

What is your opinion? Are you using social media to create back links, to engage with others or to do both? I would love to hear your view of the moving target of social media.

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To your success,