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Social Media Optimization

We are all familiar with SEO. We know that there is on-page and off-page optimization and that this is critical for your page rank. But with the arrival of social media, the dynamics of ranking in the search engines has changed. As you could read in my previous post, Google Plus is fastly becoming an . . . → Read More: Social Media Optimization

Social Media in 2012

What is in this article for you:

I give you some of my predictions for social media in 2012

so that you can start the new year well prepared.

Last week I talked to you about the fact that YouTube did the biggest work over in their history. . . . → Read More: Social Media in 2012

Create a Stronger Brand with Google Plus Business Pages

As I am sure you all have read by now, Google has finally rolled out the long awaited business pages. It already turns out that the wait has been worth our while. I am extremely excited with the possibilities this new platform has to offer. I just read this article that gives a great overview . . . → Read More: Create a Stronger Brand with Google Plus Business Pages

Google+ Games

I love playing games. There is nothing more fun than to sit around the table with a bunch of friends and play games. At least not for me. But when those same games are played on the computer I am not home. I don’t like playing on the computer and I certainly don’t like playing . . . → Read More: Google+ Games

How to get started with Google+

Last week I told you why I believe that Google+ is the place to be and this week I am sharing with you how to get started.

The first thing I would do, is make sure your privacy settings are how you want them. Just like in the other Google platforms go to the . . . → Read More: How to get started with Google+