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YouTube gets a new layout

What is in this article for you:

We discuss the latest changes to the YouTube home page

so that you can incorporate it into your internet marketing plans.

This week YouTube rolled out a new home page. It is the biggest makeover in the history of the social . . . → Read More: YouTube gets a new layout

Video for unlimited traffic and more sales

I know I am not telling you anything new when I say that video is a great way to get organic traffic and more sales. Especially when you ‘self host’ your videos as opposed to having a 3rd party host your video, such as YouTube. I am sure you have experienced that when you show a YouTube video on your blog, and the reader clicks on the video to pause it, the reader is automatically redirected to the same video on the YouTube site. Smart on Google’s part, but not good for your blog. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to post my video on YouTube. But I will not use the YouTube version on my blog. In this post I will show you the system I use to insert videos. . . . → Read More: Video for unlimited traffic and more sales

What you have to get right when uploading your videos to YouTube

I was showing a customer of mine some video examples to demonstrate how easy it is to produce videos these days. I had made a point that it is all about the message and no longer about being a professional video producer. While we were surfing YouTube, I was shocked to see how many people make videos without paying attention to detail. When you run a business and you are uploading videos to YouTube (and other video directories) there are a few things you have to get right. Here are some of my findings. If you follow these simple suggestions you will be ahead of a large group of video publishers. . . . → Read More: What you have to get right when uploading your videos to YouTube