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Unlimited traffic from one way backlinks after Panda

Panda has changed SEO

While most people have read about the “Panda Updates”, not many have adjusted their internet marketing strategy

  • 7 ways to create easy one-way backlinks in the Panda era

One of my readers, who read my post about one-way and two-way backlinks, asked me this week how exactly to get one-way backlinks. A great question, given that I talk about the fact that posting comments on a blog post is always considered to be a one-way link, but in reality could be either. If you post a comment on a blog and the owner of that blog reciprocates you have a two-way link, whereas it is a one-way link if you are the only one commenting. Does that mean it is hard to get one-way links. Not at all. Especially not since the birth of social media.

Before I give you some examples of one-way links, I would like to point out that the anchor text you need to choose for your link is important. And the game has changed here somewhat after Panda. We used to say, make sure you link with your keyword, and not with a meaningless phrase, such as “click here”. But in reality, if you are not an internet marketer, you will find a variety of link texts, such as “click here”, the url, your keyword, and also words related to the keyword (called lsi keywords). For example, if you are writing about plants, there is a good likelihood that you will also by talking about gardening. Some of your anchor text should reflect that.

Enough about that anchor text. Let’s take a look at easy ways to get one-way backlinks. Here are .. examples:

1. Blog comments. I have to start with this one, because I cannot stress enough how important it is to be in the habit of leaving a comment underneath blog posts you read. Even if it were just an acknowledgement that you have read the post is already good practice. If you can add value to the post, your link becomes invaluable. Regardless, whether your link ends up being a two-way link or not, this is one of the best routines you can have online. It will pay big dividends in terms of link building and online reputation.

2. Create a mobile site that links back to your website. This is an oftentimes overlooked opportunity. Needless to say that you need a mobile site, for reasons besides links.

3. Write guest posts on related blogs. You are helping out other bloggers by writing some content for them, you are creating one-way links to your site and, to top it off, you are tapping into a whole new audience. This is one of the better ways to get new visitors to your site, when they click on the links in your guest post.

4. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and all the other social media sites. Posting a little blurb on any of these platforms is so easy to do and it does create a lot of links back to your site. Here again, you can build links, while establishing your reputation and increasing your visibility online.

5. Post your pictures on Pinterest. Not a lot of people seem to realize yet, that if you post a picture from your site on Pinterest, that it has a link back to the page on your site that contains the picture. An incredibly easy way to create more one-way links and more traffic.

6. Post your videos on social video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Even though most people are now aware of this option, it is still a very underutilized option. It continues to be very easy to rank on page one for videos. Creating one-way backlinks through video, with the added bonus of easy page 1 rankings make this option an easy one also.

7. Produce new profiles on social media networks. Each profile should contain a link back to your site. Another easy way to create a one-way link back to your site from a high PR website.

I am sure that your juices are flowing with ideas of how to create more links back to your blog. The list is endless with social media. The above 7 examples are just that. And I have not even toughed on the traditional link building strategies, such as article writing, article submission, RSS feeds, PR releases, forum commenting and many many others.

What is your favorite way to build links? And how are you mixing up your anchor text to make sure it comes across to Google as natural. Leave a comment below with your experiences and create a one-way backlink to your website at the same time :-)

To your success,

  • WT

    Im a struggling webmaster.  I find it very hard to focus on both SEO and creating great content for my website. Ive heard of many linking strategies and to be quite honest with you I’m afraid to even implement any of them due to panda and penguin(whats going to be next, rotten fish?) jeez Google should quit it with these names.  My site is ranking for a keyword phrase that pulls about 18k searches a month.  I managed to rank on page 1 for this keyword but for some reason im not even getting 50 visitors a day, which is less than 1500 UV a month.  Part of the reason I’m ranking for this phrase is due to the fact i have an EMD, and i have a decent keyword phrase density thought out the site.  I’m so frustrated to the point of almost quitting this internet business altogether.  I added ad-sense to my site and the earnings are laughable.  Honestly why is it that im not getting at least 5k a month out of the 18k that keyword tools claims the phrase is pulling a month?  BTW, when i use keyword tools i make sure it i deselect all options and i select only the EXACT MATCH, to see how many people are actually typing that exact match.  Do you have any suggestions for doing my keyword phrases research?.  Is Google keyword tools reliable?  

    • social bookmarking

      Ranking for 1 keyword is not going to do it. That is the bad news. The good news is that you don’t need to be focusing on SEO so much. Focus on writing good content. If you add value you will get noticed and the rankings will come. What I would recommend is that you send out a tweet when you post new content and also that you communicate new content through Facebook. These activities are very easy to do and create backlinks every time. This has always worked and it has gotten even better with all the latest Google updates.
      As far as keyword research goes, I do think that the Google keyword tool is a good one to use. Just don’t expect that all the traffic that they report will go to your site. You will get the most traffic (upto 80%) if you rank in the #1 spot (not just page 1). And it is very hard to control that 1 spot. That is why you need to diversify. And since it sounds like you are writing content for your site, you should be able to rank well for several long tail keywords. This will gradually increase the traffic to your site.
      One other quick tip: if you are writing your posts in WordPress, make sure to change the permalink of each post to the keyword that you want to rank for, rather than the title of the post.

  • business logo design

    After google penguin update every SEO is upset and conscious to do link building or off-page SEO. Your discussed and mentioned ways to get baclinks are very important and effective to get traffic as well as business.

  • Djherlachepaint

    Very informative article Karin. I appreciate the insight. My SEO will not create any back links for me. They claim that anymore than the 14 I have in myn1.5 year relationship with them is sufficient to compete. However I have little traffic. So I am trying to do their job for them and find ways to back link which will not jeapordize my rank capabilities with Google.

    • Karin

      If they are correct that so few backlinks is enough to compete, than you are in the wrong niche. After all, it would mean that you have no competition. This sounds good, but there can only be one reason if you have no competitors. There is no market! It sounds to me, that you are taking the right approach by going for more backlinks. Make sure to follow the advice that I am giving in my articles, otherwise your efforts may be wasted time. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  • Australia Study

    I focus more on the real traffic to my site. Hence, I normally utilise forum posting and blog commenting in relevant fields to my blog. Doing that gives me some more traffic. Anyway, I like guest blogging. I should start doing that when I have more time.