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Checklist to rank your video on the first page in Google.

Checklist to help you rank your video on the first page in Google.


1. Make a keyword rich title.
The title tag is the most important on-page aspect of SEO. Make your title tag your keyword and add the word “video” at the beginning or the end. About one third of searchers is looking for videos these days, so they will add that to their search query.

I recommend that you do NOT keyword stuff the description tag. Make sure the description is relevant and of interested to those that type in your keyword.

2. Make a keyword rich file name.
This one is straight forward. Instead of naming a video file 240643video.mp4, you use your keyword for the name. So, if your keyword is “video seo”, your video should cary the name video-seo.mp4.

3. Create a video sitemap
Just like you should have a sitemap for your blog, you should also have one for your videos. A video sitemap will tell Google everything about the video, such as title, description, size, keywords, category, etc). The search engine bots will see the video sitemap and include the videos on the Google video search engine.

4. Make sure you place your video on a page with relevant text.
You can do all the video SEO you want, but if you don’t optimize the rest of your page, it is wasted time. So, don’t just put up a video. Add text to it, and make sure the text is relevant for the video.

5. Internally link back to your video from other pages, just like you do with blog posts. And similarly, use relevant anchor text.

6. Create one unique URL landing page per video. Do not put multiple videos on one page.

7. Encourage commenting on your posts with a video. This creates additional text that will help the page rank higher.

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