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YouTube gets a new layout

What is in this article for you:

We discuss the latest changes to the YouTube home page

so that you can incorporate it into your internet marketing plans.

This week YouTube rolled out a new home page. It is the biggest makeover in the history of the social media giant. With this new look, YouTube is making an effort to keep their visitors on the site longer.  YouTube is making an effort to gain some territory vs television, knowing that people on average watch 5 hours of televsion compared to the 20 minutes they spend on YouTube.

Here is a picture of what the new home page looks like:

YouTube Home Page

As you can see, the home page has completely changed. The new design is emphasizing the, so-called, channels of content, whereas single videos used to dominate the home page. You can now choose your favorite channels and save them to the sidebar on the left of your screen, where they are easily accessible. They are also providing suggested channels, based on the videos that you have watched so far. The nice thing about channels is that you will be presented with the latest videos that are added to the channel, similar to rss feeds for written content.

This new focus on channels provides a huge opportunity for internet marketers. After all, once a person subscribes to your channel, they will automatically be presented with every new video you post to your channel. At the same, this means that you should make sure that your channel is focusing on one niche only, rather than having a compilation of videos in all the niches you may be active in. The more targeted the topics of your videos, the more targeted your subscribers and the better your chances of converting subscribers into buyers.

Besides the focus on channels, there is also more of a focus on social media. The same sidebar that holds your selected channels, also has a link to your Google+ and Facebook account. By incorporating other social media platforms, they integrate themselves more as a social media platform. This will hopefully take YouTube out of the isolation it has been in for so long. It always was “just” a video site. Granted they implemented the voting and commenting system a long time ago, which encouraged the human interaction. But the only link to other social media sites was the option to share videos on other platforms. By implementing the links to Facebook and Google+, you can now watch what is going on on these platforms without leaving YouTube.

In my opinion, YouTube is finally realizing the power of social media and fully embracing it. What do you think of the new layout? Have you seen it yet? Do you like it? Share your first impressions here in the comments. If you enjoyed this article, I would appreciate it if you would show your appreciation by clicking some of the buttons in the top right hand corner of this post.

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